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Android Q Second Developer Preview Comes to OnePlus 6/6T

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Although Google used its Pixel devices to test beta versions of Android for a long time, the company changed its approach regarding Android Q. Recently, the company revealed a list of manufacturers which will support Android Q beta testing. Unsurprisingly, OnePlus was in that list. If you are a OnePlus 6 or 6T owner, you will be able to install the latest beta of Android Q.

Before you go ahead and download the latest preview, there’s a bummer. You will need to perform a factory reset to install the latest beta. Moreover, OnePlus is calling its builds “Developer Previews”. As a result, it is difficult to determine which of the beta OnePlus is using with the latest operating system. However, unless you are ready to perform the factory reset, you shouldn’t install the beta at the moment.

While surprising, Google expanded the program in an attempt to improve stability with its decision to release Android Q beta to manufacturers. However, all of the manufacturers have their own requirements in case someone wants to install the beta of Android Q. As for the current Android Q beta for OnePlus, in case you are interested in installing the OS, you can learn more about it by going to the official forum here. 

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