Home Business & Finance Adobe Announces A New Painting and Drawing App for iPad

Adobe Announces A New Painting and Drawing App for iPad

Adobe Announces A New Painting and Drawing App for iPad

Back in October last year, Adobe revealed that it will be releasing Photoshop CC to iPad. At the time, the company teased that it is working on a new app called Project Gemini. While it’s been a long wait, earlier today, the company has finally released the name of the app along with first glimpse into what to expect with the latest app.

Named Adobe Fresco, the upcoming painting app for iPad will be significantly different from existing painting apps in the market. In case you didn’t know, fresco is a painting technique where a painter begins the painting with a layer of plaster on wall or similar surface. Afterwards, artists are required to finish the artwork while the plaster is still wet.

Adobe revealed that it is introducing the app in an attempt to cater creativity. In the blog post, the company wrote, “That last fact expresses something important about creativity. When inspiration strikes, you have to act before the plaster dries. We’re developing Adobe Fresco to empower spontaneous creativity.”

Along with the announcement, Adobe shared a video to showcase some of the features included in the app. In the video, Adobe explains how the app’s Live Brushes will use Adobe’s Sensei AI to create a virtual canvas with watercolor and oils. As you paint, it will create artworks according to your input. In case you are wondering, you will be able to import brushes directly from Photoshop or create your own as Adobe promises the app to be accessible to anyone. The app is still in early beta and the company is looking forward to improving its offering.

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Unfortunately, the company hasn’t revealed when the app will be available. However, in case you want to try out the upcoming app before it launches, you can do so by answering few questions over here.

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