Google Duo Might Allow You to Send Self Destructing Photos to Others

Google Duo Might Allow You to Send Self Destructing Photos to Others

Although Google launched several messaging apps over the years, the company’s attempts haven’t really been successful. As a result, the search engine giant had shut down Allo few months earlier and Hangouts is set to shut down in the coming months. However, it seems that the company is working on implementing features from its discontinued apps to Duo.

Google launched Duo and Allo few years earlier with different purposes. For instance, although Allo was more of a traditional messaging app, Duo was meant to be a video calling app. While Google has shut down Allo, according to 9to5Google, the company might be bringing its features to Duo. The outlet recently discovered that with the upcoming changes, users will be able to send photos to each other. Interestingly, these photos will have Snapchat’s messaging properties as the messages will be available to recipient for 24 hours.

While the move is pretty surprising, the latest feature isn’t particularly image-based messaging. Unlike other messaging apps, you won’t be able to send photos directly using Duo. Instead, you will need to share your photos from Google Photos or Files. As a result, it seems that the company is bringing more of an image sharing service rather than the traditional messaging service.

Nevertheless, the move is surprising considering Duo is Google’s standalone app for video calls. However, the company is likely to be working on giving users other apps’ options to satisfy different needs. For instance, Hangout is focused towards enterprise customers at the moment but Google might be bringing implementing different messaging features to Duo to attract average users.

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