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The New Mutants Gets Delayed Until 2020

The New Mutants Gets Delayed Until 2020

After a series of delays, recently Simon Kinberg has revealed that the X-Men spinoff, The New mutants will go through a reshoots. As a result, the release date of the movie has been pushed back to next year.

This latest news comes as previous reports have suggested that Fox wasn’t happy with the movie so far. Initially, it was rumored that the upcoming movie will feature horror elements rather than traditional X-Men theme. In a recent interview with Digital Spy, Simon Kinberg revealed the studio’s plan for the upcoming reshoots.

He said, “What’s happening is we’re gonna do reshoots this year on that film and it has a new release date from Disney. That’s really it. Part of it was figuring out what the reshoots were gonna be, the pick-ups, and the other part of it was getting that cast back together. For all of these movies, Marvel’s really brilliant at scheduling pick-ups into their budget and schedule so it’s all prepared, and we have never been that smart. For us, we’re always scrambling to get these actors back together so they’re all in the same place at the same time.”

The upcoming movie will feature an entirely different cast of characters from the X-Men universe. The movie will feature establish cast members like Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones as well as Anya Taylor-Joy. Given that there has been a lot of questions in the last several months whether or not the studio will release the movie, it’s a great news that the movie is going to get released eventually. At the moment however, due to the reshoots, the movie has been delayed until April 3, 2020.

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