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Silicon Valley to End after Season 6

Silicon Valley to End after Season 6

According to a latest report from TVLine, one of HBO’s biggest shows, Silicon Valley will end its run after sixth season.

This is an interesting development considering that most of the television networks tend to turn a season finale into a series finale without announcement. Moreover, the upcoming season of the show is still in the pre-production stage with premiere scheduled for later this year.

Despite the sudden announcement, the end of Silicon Valley shouldn’t come off as a major surprise given what the show has gone through over last couple of years. Production of season 6 was pushed back earlier last year Alec Berg was busy with productions for Barry. Before that, the show’s future was up in the air following T.J. Miller’s departure at the end of season 4.

Given the popularity of his character until he left the show, it’ll be interesting to see if T.J. Miller returns to reprise his role. At the moment, Silicon Valley is set to premier later this year and we’ll learn more about the plot of the show’s last season in the coming months.

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