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Scientists Turn Flexible Generators into Energy

Scientists Turn Flexible Generators into Energy

While there have been different devices which turn movements to energy for a short period of time, a group of scientists at the Rice University has made the idea much more practical thanks to their recent discovery.

The group of researchers used laser induced graphene into small devices that can generate static electricity which can be used to power different devices afterwards. During the course of the experiment, the scientists connected a folded strip of LIG to a string of light-emitting diodes. Interestingly, they found that it produced enough energy to make diodes flash.

In case you didn’t know, the LIG is produced when chemicals are heated on a surface of a polymer or other material with a laser. This leaves only interconnected flakers of two-dimensional carbon. In order to find most optimal solution, the group used most common materials but then extended it to more common materials such as plants and wood.

Talking about the research, Michael Stanford, lead author of the paper said, “The nanogenerator embedded within a flip-flop was able to store 0.22 millijoules of electrical energy on a capacitor after a 1-kilometer walk. This rate of energy storage is enough to power wearable sensors and electronics with human movement.”

The findings were first published in the American Chemical Society journal ACS Nano.

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