Samsung Stops Galaxy S10 Update After User Complaints

Shortly after Samsung released an update for Galaxy S10, users complained that the recent update for the smartphone has caused the devices to crash. As a result, the company has decided to stop the update.

After the update started rolling out, users have complained that the update would cause their smartphone to crash without a reason as well as apps stop responding after installing the update. Additionally, the fingerprint scanner became unusually following the update.

While Samsung hasn’t confirmed how many users were affected by the faulty update, the company has decided to stop the update immediately. However, it’s unclear if the company will be releasing a fix soon as users have found out that there’s no fix for the issues and factory reset isn’t solving the widespread issues.

Despite that, a large number of users have said that they haven’t noticed any problem. At the moment, it’s unclear if the company will resume the update in the coming days. Regardless, it seems that you will have to wait for the next update for your Galaxy S10 devices.

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