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Microsoft and ARM Cancels Their Contracts with Huawei

Last couple of days has been disastrous for Huawei as companies have started to comply with US president Donald Trump’s recent national emergency declaration. As the declaration bans US companies from using telecom equipment from “foreign adversaries,” Google was the first major company to cancel its contract with the Chinese company. And now, both Microsoft and ARM have cut their ties with world’s second largest smartphone manufacturer.

This recent report comes as Microsoft recently removed MateBook Pro X from its store as the company complies with the latest declaration. However, if you are interested in MateBook Pro X, you will need to find one in Microsoft’s retail store until the stock lasts.

Apart form Microsoft, ARM is also required to comply with the recent order as the company’s chips contain “US origin technology”. If you have been keeping with the news, you might know that the Chinese tech giant had beat Qualcomm earlier last year to produce first 7nm SoC. However, as the chip is based on ARM’s technology, it’ll be interesting to see how the company goes ahead with its production.

Although Huawei is working on operating systems for both computers and smartphones, it’s unclear how far the company has come over last couple of months. As a result, the future isn’t looking great for the Chinese tech firm.

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