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Intel Says Foldable Displays Aren’t Coming Anytime Soon for Laptops

While we got to see world’s first foldable smartphones few weeks earlier, Samsung has faced a number of struggles with the company’s latest smartphone. As there’s no fix shipping date for the smartphone, the company recently announced that it’ll start cancelling pre-orders automatically unless consumers tell them to do otherwise by the end of this month. Now, an Intel executive has said that we might have to wait few more years before getting the technology in laptops.

During the start of Intel’s Project Athena Open Lab program, Intel’s general manager of mobile innovation and vice president of its Client Computing Group, Joshua D. Newman said to Nikkei Asian Review that the company is currently trying to understand the limitation and capabilities of the technology. He also said that the technology is at least two years away from appearing in laptops for consumers.

This comment shouldn’t come off as a surprise as earlier this year, Samsung finally unveiled its first foldable smartphone. However, reviewers of the device has reported that the displays of the device were failing for a lot of different reasons. The incident has highlighted the amount of works required to perfect the technology. However, later next month, Huawei will show if its foldable displays can work as Huawei Mate X will feature a foldable screen of its own.

While it’s easy to understand the appeal behind a foldable smartphone, it’s unclear at this point what kind of benefits foldable displays will bring to laptops and related technology. However, when the technology becomes available to consumers, we will have to see if laptop manufacturers can come up with design solutions to incorporate foldable displays in laptops.

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