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Google Confirms It’s Working on Foldable Smartphones

While we might be few years away from getting foldable smartphones, major smartphone manufacturers are working on their own versions at the moment. Although Samsung’s latest attempt at releasing a foldable smartphone has been a disaster, Google has confirmed that the company is working on foldable devices for a while. However, the company isn’t sure when its foldable smartphones will be available to consumers as they are still working on prototypes.

This latest news came from Mario Queiroz, head of Pixel development at Google. During an interview with CNET, Queiroz said that the tech giant has been working on the technology for some time now. During the interview, he said, “We’re prototyping foldable displays and many other new hardware technologies, and have no related product announcements to make at this time.”

He added, “The use case is going to need to be something where you go, ‘Hey, I definitely need to have this.’ Right now, you don’t need to have a foldable. It’s kind of a ‘nice-to-have.'”

While the news is certainly interesting, Google working on foldable smartphone shouldn’t come off as surprising as major manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and Lenovo are already working on foldable devices. However, Google recently unveiled its Pixel 3a and 3a XL devices during its I/O conference. As a result, the company is focused on supporting new devices for the upcoming months.

While we might have to wait longer to get a foldable smartphone from Google, that doesn’t mean such devices are far away. Especially given Android Q comes with native supports for foldable screens, it’s likely that we’ll get foldable smartphones from major manufacturers in the coming months.

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