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Google Announces Improved Assistant Support for Android TVs

Although Google announced a lot of new products during its keynote speech during its I/O keynote yesterday, Announcements regarding Android TV was missing. If you’re wondering if the company has any plan regarding the platform, you’ll be glad to know that the company introduced improved assistant support as well as a revamped Play Store for the platform.

Google announced that with the upcoming changes, the assistant will now support live TV content on Android TV. When the feature becomes available, you will be able to ask Assistant to start playing a live TV show in the same way you can ask a show that’s available on demand.

However, the bigger change was the redesigned Play Store for Android TV to make it easier for users to discover contents to meet their needs. Thanks to the recent deal between Amazon and Google, Amazon Prime Video app will be available soon to the users. Apart from that, you will have easier time purchasing something from Play Store for Android TV. When available, the new “Subscribe and Install” option will make it easier for users to set up a service directly through Play Store. Moreover, the company will let users use a PIN to confirm their purchase.

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