GitHub Introduces Sponsors to Help Users Support Developers

Microsoft is trying to improve GitHub since its acquisition last year. As part of a lot of upcoming changes, Microsoft has introduced GitHub sponsors to enable users to support developers.

This latest addition is similar to Patreon where developers will be able to introduce different tiers to give different perks and benefits to users. Interestingly, the platform will not charge anything and developers will keep 100% of their sponsorship funds. Moreover, the company will bear cost of all processing fees for the program.

In addition to GitHub sponsorship, the company also announced its acquisition of Dependabot, another open source tool which will automate dependency update. Needless to say, it’ll integrated to GitHub immediately.

This latest news comes as earlier last year Microsoft announced unlimited private repositories for free and paid users shortly after the Redmond giant purchased the platform late last year.

Image: Flickr/Peter Hellberg

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