Apple TV Gets Updated for Samsung Smart TVs

Earlier this year at CES, it was announced that Samsung TVs will be receiving the new Apple TV app. And now, the latest models of Samsung Smart TVs have started to receive a firmware update which brings the app to the devices.

At the moment, the firmware update is rolling out in different countries in Europe as all of the 2019 models of Samsung Smart TV will receive the update. In addition to the Apple TV app, the firmware also brings AirPlay to the selected models.

In case you are wondering, the new Apple TV app allows users to access the entire iTunes to purchase your favorite movies and music. Moreover, the app will allow access to Apple TV+ which is scheduled to launch later this year.

This latest release marks Samsung as the first manufacturer to support the Apple TV app although Apple is planning to bring the app to more manufacturer in the coping days. As with all of other Apple products, the app will allow consumers to access all of their iTunes purchases along with 4K HDR titles. As the update is going out on a rolling basis, you might have to wait few more days before you can access the app in your Samsung Smart TV.

Image: Flickr/Kārlis Dambrāns

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