Apple to Notify Its Customers if iPhone Updates Will Slow Down Devices

Few years earlier, Apple found itself in a sticky situation as it was revealed that the company was deliberately slowing down iPhones after updates. At the time, the tech giant claimed that the decision was affected by degrading batteries of iPhones. However, it didn’t stop the company from receiving heavy criticisms from consumers. Now, Apple has revealed that it’ll notify its iPhone users if updating their devices will have any drop in performance.

The latest report comes via CNBC which revealed that Apple has now agreed to clarify future updates further to let consumers know about potential fall of updating iOS-based devices. This also means that if users want, they can choose not to update their phone.

While it’s generally better to always keep your smartphone updated, with the latest announcement, you’ll know if sudden slowdown is caused by a latest update. However, given recent changes to iPhone models, it’s unlikely that you’ll notice heavy slowdowns of your iPhone following major updates. As the company has added options to both monitor iPhone’s battery health as well as option to disable throttling, it shouldn’t be a problem in case you don’t want to experience any problem following major iOS updates.

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