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Red Magic Debuts New Gaming Smartphone

After teasing a new gaming smartphone for several weeks, Red Magic has now official launched its first smartphone.

The company noted that the latest gaming handset is built for comfortable use even after extended gaming session. The smartphone comes with familiar specifications as the smartphone packs a Snapdragon 835 processor paired with 8GB of RAM. Additionally, the smartphone packs a 24MP primary camera with 8MP front facing camera. Apart from these, the phone packs a whopping 128GB internal storage which will be enough for everyone.

While PC gamers have seen a lot of RGB lighting over the years, the latest smartphone is the first one to pack a RGB light strip on the back which can be customized as users will be able to pick a color from four options. Additionally, the smartphone packs an all new cooling system to keep the smartphone cool even after extended use.

The smartphone will be available from April 26 with a starting price of $399.

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