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iOS 11.3 Update Is Affecting Genuine Apple Display Replacement

Earlier yesterday, some users complained that the latest iOS 11.3 update was causing their phone’s display to be disabled. Shortly afterwards, reports surfaced that users who opted for third party repair service were affected by the problem. While at the time users speculated that the problem is associated with third party replacement, now, it turned out that the problem is affecting genuine replacement parts as well.

If you have used iPhone for a while, then you might already know that there are several third-party repair shops who can get their hands on the official components for iPhone and related products. Users who have used service of these repair shops have been affected by the latest problem with iOS update.

Shortly after the reports related to latest issue started surfacing, repair communities have confirmed the problem. However, the latest news isn’t surprising given that Apple makes it pretty difficult for third party companies to repair Apple’s devices. However, as official replacements are much more expensive, it’s not surprising that customers often turn to cheaper alternatives to repair their devices.

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