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Google Might Introduce New Gestures with Android P

Although Apple’s iPhone X was heavily criticized upon its launch, since then, smartphone manufacturers are regularly introducing iPhone X’s quirky notch. As for iPhone X, Apple removed the home button for bigger screen area as the tech giant removed the traditional home button from the smartphone. As the home button for iPhone has been used to accomplish different goals of the smartphone, the company replaced the button with specific screen gestures to accomplish the goals. Interestingly, if latest reports are accurate, then Google might be introducing similar gestures with upcoming Android P.

The latest reports come after Google included a screenshot which included a navigation bar at the bottom of the display similar to the home button of iPhone X. Shortly afterwards, Google edited the image to remove the navigation bar.

At the moment, Android P is in developer preview and it’s unlikely that we will get a glimpse at the upcoming operating system anytime soon. With that in mind, it’s not highly surprising that the company is testing out new features. As for now, we will have to wait to find out if Google introduces iPhone X like button to Android with the upcoming release.

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