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Apple Hit With a New Lawsuit over Apple Watch’s Heart Rate Sensor

According to a latest report from Axios, a Michigan based company has sued Apple with a patent infringement lawsuit over the Apple Watch’s heart rate sensor.

Filed by a company named OmniMedSci, the lawsuit claims that Apple met with the company over years to discuss the possibility of incorporating the company’s technology into Apple watch. Although the negotiations didn’t bring any partnership, the OmniMedSci claimed that Apple used OmniMedSci’s technology without a deal in place.

The lawsuit was filed in the Eastern district of Texas and is seeking for injunction and damages.

OmniMedSci is a Michigan based start-up found by Mohammed Islam, an MIT graduate who currently teaches in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of Michigan.

As of now, Apple hasn’t issued a statement on the pending lawsuit. However, the details of the startup’s lawsuit is familiar. Back in 2015, the tech giant was sued by another Biometric sensor company named Valancell. At the time, Apple was also accused of stealing heart rate sensor technology which was incorporated into Apple Watch. At the time, Valancell claimed that the company was in talks with Apple over a partnership which would allow the company to implement the technology in Apple Watch.

While we will have to wait to find out how the lawsuit turns out, it will be certainly interesting to see how the events turn out since the heart rate sensor on the Apple Watch is the device’s one of the most popular features among consumers. Few weeks earlier, a report revealed that Apple Watch can detect abnormal heart rhythms with a 97% accuracy rate.

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