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Samsung Brings GIF Support for Always on Display for Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8

As internet has become easily accessible, GIFs have become increasingly popular among users across the entire web. If you are one of the many users who likes these animation and are interested in using them on your Samsung smartphone’s Always-On Display, then you will be glad to know that the smartphone manufacturer has now introduced support for GIF for the feature on selected models.
If you have used Samsung’s smartphones in the past, then you might already be familiar with the company’s Always-On display feature. The AOD feature allows users to put useful contents such as time, date or custom image on their device to show information while the device is on sleep mode. Although the feature drains battery little bit faster, it isn’t significant and the Always-On display is pretty popular among smartphone users.
And now, Samsung has started rolling out an update which will allow owners of several latest models to add GIF to their Always-On Display. In order to use the feature, you will need to go to the Gallery and select the GIF you want to use on the screen. Afterwards, you can tap on the settings icon at the top right and set the GIF to feature on your screen.
However, you should note that the feature is available only for Galaxy S8, S8+ and Note 8 users at the moment. It is unclear if the company will bring support for other models in the coming weeks.

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