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Facebook Will Start Fact Checking Photos and Videos for Fake News and Hoaxes

While Facebook has come under heavy criticisms over last couple of days due to its involvement with the Cambridge Analytica scandal, social media platforms still have a fake news problems thanks to the ability to share information over these platforms. Although majority of the users do not share false information on these platforms on purpose, they can cause significant problems as we have seen over the last couple of months. Facebook has introduced several tool over last couple of months to prevent such occurrences and now, a recent report from Reuters has revealed that Facebook will start fact-checking photos and videos to cut down false information on the platform.

According to the report the process has already begun in France as the social network has started to work with AFP. The feature was confirmed by a product manager on Facebook, Tessa Lyons. However, Lyons did not mention what kind of feature the social networking giant is using to evaluate images and videos.

Facebook’s latest attempt to fight against the false news comes as the company introduced the ability to flag an article, fact checking functionality over the last couple of months. While the ability to fact check videos and images has been introduced in France, it’s unclear when Facebook will introduce the feature to other countries. However, it is expected that the feature will expand to more countries and partners in the coming weeks.

Image: Flickr/Bhupinder Nayyar

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