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YouTube Secures Exclusive MLS Rights

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YouTube is pushing its streaming services to bring more live contents for a while and recently, YouTube TV has completed the deal to have exclusive rights to stream Los Angeles Football Club (LAFC) matches in the MLS. While other streaming services such as Amazon Prime currently holds rights to stream several sports events, the latest deal is the first of its kind for YouTube.

Talking about the recently concluded deal, Angela Courtin, global head of marketing at YouTube TV and YouTube Originals said, “When we talk about innovation, it goes beyond a traditional distribution deal and really looking at programming for LAFC fans both on and off the field. We think it’s going to be ground-breaking.”

Thanks to the recently concluded deal, subscribers from Los Angeles market will be ab;e to stream all of the 18 LAFC games during the course of next season.

Image: Flickr/Esther Vargas

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