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We Might Have to Wait Longer to Get the First Aquaman Trailer

Earlier this week, Carlos Villalobos Jr. revealed on Instagram that he has started working on the score for Aquaman trailer. Ultimately, it started rumors that first trailer of the upcoming movie might be coming soon. Shortly afterwards, the post was removed and director James Wan revealed that the composer isn’t working on the trailer. In response to the latest rumors, the director recently revealed that it is the main reason behind the post’s removal.

The director’s latest comments came in a reply to the fan site Jason Momoa News. He said, “Because he has nothing to do with our trailer at all. Don’t know who this dude is. Well, he’s totally allowed to do anything he wants, but that doesn’t mean people should pick up any random stuff out on the internet as news.”

The director’s latest comments isn’t surprising considering the movie is still over 10 months away. Previously reports suggested that the studio is planning on releasing the first trailer of the movie during San Diego Comic-Con later this year.

Aquaman finished its production October last year. While at the moment there’s not a lot of details to go on with, it’s likely that we will learn more as we get near to the San Diego Comic Con.

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