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United States Approves Budget for NASA’s Supersonic Airplane

We have known for a while that NASA is working on a new supersonic aircraft which can fly at the maximum speed of 1,100 miles per hour. And now, the U.S. government have approved funding for the program as NASA is currently expecting to fly this new supersonic aircraft by 2021.

While this isn’t the first time we will see a supersonic aircraft, NASA’s aircraft have some advantages over the older aircrafts. Although the technology has existed for a long time, the supersonic aircrafts over the years had loud sonic boom from waves of pressure from air particles. These sonic booms were so strong that they can cause property damages when they travel over a city.

However, NASA is currently testing its supersonic aircraft under New Aviation Horizon Initiative. The space agency revealed that the sonic boom created by these airplanes will be so quiet that people won’t even notice any difference. Lockheed Martin recently received $20 million from the space agency to build the next generation X-Planes.

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