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Twitterrific 5 Is Now Available for $7.99

If you are looking for a third party Twitter application for you Mac, you will be glad to know that Twitterrific is now available for $7.99 on the official App Store. This latest discount marks the highest discount the app has ever gone through in its history as earlier last year, the app received a 50 percent discount.

The latest discount comes after Twitter announced that it will no longer support its Mac application and users will be required to enter the site on their browser to get the complete experience. Shortly afterwards, the application disappeared from the App Store. While existing users will be able to use the application, Twitter will no longer support the application after 30 days.

As for Twitterrific, the application brings all of the essential feature of Twitter minus the clutters. In addition to displaying tweets as they are on the social network, it gives you option to choose font and text size among many other options.

However, it will be interesting to how many users will start using the application given that it doesn’t make a lot of sense to install the application for average user. On the other hand, the application currently holds a 4 star rating compared to 1.5 star rating of Twitter’s original application.

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