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Twitter Reveals It Does Not Want to Be Judge of Truth

Over last couple of months, social networks’ roles in spreading false information have become pretty common topic across news outlets. Recently, reports revealed how Twitter might have played an important role in spreading fake news and Russian propaganda alongside Facebook during last US presidential election. Interestingly the microblogging platform has revealed that it doesn’t want to be the judge of true of false information on the platform.

That’s according to Nick Pickles, Twitter’s head of public policy for the UK. He recently revealed the company’s sentiment during a recent committee hearing held by the British House of Commons at George Washington University.

He said, “We are not the arbiters of truth. We are not going to remove content based on the fact this is untrue. The one strength that Twitter has is it’s a hive of journalists, of citizens, of activists correcting the record, correcting information.” He adds that while Twitter will take down tweets if they violate rules, such as those containing hate speech, but will stop short of judging whether or not a tweet is true or not.”

“I don’t think technology companies should be deciding during an election what is true and what is not true, which is what you’re asking us to do. I think that’s a very important principle.”

These latest comments are surprising considering Facebook is recently implemented different tactics to prevent false information spreading via the platform. For instance, few weeks earlier, Facebook revealed its plan to show factual accuracy of a news source via community surveys.

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