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Superstore Is Renewed for Season 4

We are at that part of the year once again when fans will learn if their beloved television shows will return for another season or not. If you are a fan of NBC’s Superstore though, you will be glad to know that NBC has renewed the series for another season.

Interestingly, the series seems to be on the rise as the season 4 of the show will get total of 22 episodes compared to Season 3’s 21 episodes. However, if you have followed the show, then the news of Superstore’s renewal shouldn’t come off as a huge surprise. Although the show doesn’t have the same following as The Big Bang Theory, Superstore remains to be one of the most beloved comedy in small screen.

During the course of last year, apart from its improvement in viewer ratings, the show experienced a 3 percent increase in number of viewers. At the moment, the show is NBC’s top comedy across digital platforms for last year.

While it will be interesting to see if the show’s phenomenal run continues in the next season, Superstore is liekly to continue beyond season 4. However, as most of the comedy series, we will have to see if audience fatigue sets in which isn’t unique for a comedy beyond season 5 or 6.

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