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Snapchat Brings Snap Map outside the App

In an attempt to attract more users to its service, Snapchat continues to add more features to the platform as the app now allows users to access geotagged stories from web.

Snapchat launched the latest feature, Snap Map URL earlier yesterday which will allow you to access stories via traditional web browser. The latest addition comes as earlier last month, the company introduced stories everywhere feature which allowed users to share their stories outside the application. Thanks to the latest addition, users can now find Snaps shared nearby or use a location to follow an event. However, the stories which will be featured on the new platform aren’t entirely submitted by users. For instance, Snap staffs will select featured stories while an algorithm will decide on others.

If you visit, map.snapchat.com, you will also notice a share icon and if you tap on this, it will generate embedded code for any section of the map you are currently on. However, you should note that the embedded map will have a lifespan of 30 days.

As recent reports revealed, more users are joining the platform at the moment which means the company is likely to bring more features in the coming days. As for now, the Snap Map has a total of 100 million users every month out of Snapchat’s 187 million userbase.

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