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Samsung Stops Android 8.0 Release for Galaxy S8 and S8+

Although it’s been quite a while since Google released Android 8.0, Samsung started rolling out the latest OS update to Galaxy S8 and S8+ owners earlier last week. While only a small number of consumers have received the update, the company has now stopped the update as the company is working on another update.

If you are living in selected countries including Turkey, Norway, the UAE, India, Belgium, Germany, France and Poland, then you might have received the update already with the Netherlands stated to follow next week. However, earlier today, Samsung halted the update for Galaxy S8 and S8. If you go to Samsung’s servers, you will no longer be able to download the G950/G955-FXXU1CRAP Android 8.0 firmware files for both devices.

Although Samsung stopped the latest update, you won’t notice any changes in your device performance whether or not you have received the update. At the moment, rumors claim that Samsung is working on releasing another firmware version for the smartphones. However, it’s unclear why Samsung chose to stop the rollout abruptly. With another update hopefully coming in next couple of days, we are likely to learn more about it in near future.

Image: Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

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