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Samsung Launches Samsung Max App to Improve Data Saving and Privacy

Earlier today, Samsung has unveiled its new Android app, Samsung Max to promote data savings and application privacy settings. In case you are wondering, the latest app will replace Opera Max as it brings several tools to improved security.

If you have Opera Max installed in your smartphone, you will notice that the app has been updated to Samsung Max automatically. As for improved privacy, Samsung Max will provide you DNS-masking service. Apart from that, the smartphone comes with several more privacy and security options along data-saving features.

If you are using public Wi-Fi for instance, all of your transferred data will now be encrypted although they are sent over public network. Moreover, the app will automatically reduce data consumption by compressing and blocking certain web contents. If you are using expensive data plan, this will certainly be a welcome change for you.

Seounghoon Oh vice president of the Samsung R&D Institute in India said, “All over the world, data has become a commodity, but many plans are simply still too expensive for consumers that want to get the most out of the latest technology built into their devices. With Samsung Max, our users in every corner of the globe now have increased autonomy and control over their data usage and privacy in an era of rising security threats, fraudulent apps and user profiling.”

If you are currently living in India, Argentina, Brazil, Indonesia, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, Thailand and Vietnam, then you will get the Samsung Max app pre-installed in your Galaxy A and Galaxy J series smartphones. As for others, you will need to manually download the application from the Play Store.

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