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Researchers Discover Evidences of Beginning of Anthropocene

Although previously scientists have shown that humans have been influencing Earth’s ecosystems for a long period of time, most of us consider that the sudden spike in radioactive carbon caused by testing the nuclear weapons last century marks the start of humans’ current dominant role. Interestingly, a group of scientists have found that it is indeed the case as they found evidence of the claim in the loneliest tree in the world.

The latest evidence comes from a Sitka spruce found on the Campbell Island which is in the middle of the South Ocean. The tree is called the loneliest tree in the world as the nearest tree is 125 miles away in the Aukland islands. The researchers described the unique tree and the proof of the latest claim in journal Scientific Reports. 

In an official press release, Christopher Fogwill, a professor of glaciology and palaeoclimatology at Keele University wrote, “The impact that humanity’s nuclear weapons testing has had on the Earth’s atmosphere provides a global signal that unambiguously demonstrates that humans have become the major agent of change on the planet. This is an important, yet worrying finding.”

“The global atomic bomb signal, captured in the annual rings of this invasive tree species, represents a line in the sand, after which our collective actions have stamped an indelible mark, which will define this new geological epoch for generations to come.”

For a long time now, researchers have agreed that there have been another ecological change due to increasing human influence. However, up until now, there hasn’t been any agreement on the universal proof which marks the beginning of the new period. But, the latest discovery changes that.

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