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One Giant Storm in Neptune Is Disappearing

Back in 1989 when Voyager 2 flew past Neptune, it identified some massive storms on the surface of the planet. In an attempt to learn more about the planet, scientists since then have used Hubble to keep an eye on the planet. Recently, the telescope has detected that one of the largest storms on Neptune has started to dissipate.

This latest discovery is surprising as initially scientists thought that the storm, which was large enough from reach from Boston to Portugal, would drift towards the equator of the planet before breaking up. However, over the years, the storm has drifted towards the south pole of the planet and started to fade away.

For instance, back in 2015, the storm had a vortex of 3,100 along the long axis and recent pictures have shown that the vortex is now down to 2,300 miles wide.

Image: NASA

Following the observations, scientists have predicted that the planet’s anicyclones pull up dark material from deeper in Neptune’s atmosphere as they spin, carried along by three wind jets circling the planet.


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