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Now Third Party Apps Will Be Able to Take Advantage of Pixel 2’s HDR Camera

Although Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL smartphones ran into different problems shortly after their release, both of the smartphones are pretty popular among consumers due to extensive number of features the smartphones pack. If you have followed the specifications, then you already know that the Google Pixel 2 comes with an extensive number of camera features. However, initially users were forced to use Google’s official camera app as Pixel’s most of the innovative camera features were exclusive to the camera app. And now, the company has decided to bring support for several third party as such as Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp which will be able to take complete advantage of Pixel 2’s camera.

If you have followed latest update, then you wouldn’t be surprised with the latest addition. Back in October, Google made the HDR+ available to third-party app developers via preview of Android 8.1. Shortly afterwards, Google released the OS update to consumers although users couldn’t completely benefit from the camera. However, now when the update reaches users, different third party applications will be able to take advantage of the extra processing power that Pixel 2’s camera brings.

As third party applications are more popular among smartphone users due to the apps’ extra features, it’ll be interesting to see how other applications use the power to give consumers more control with features.

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