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Nexus Owners Can Now Get Pixel 2 for Discounted Price

Although Google is pushing for its own smartphones recently, for a long period of time, a great way to experience true power of Android was its line of Nexus devices. While in recent times Pixel smartphones have become the norm, Android enthusiasts still remember the older devices with fondness. If you are still using your older Nexus devices, you will be glad to know that Google has now started offering discount for Nexus owners or those who have used Nexus devices for Pixel 2 smartphones.

The company recently sent out an email to its loyal Nexus owners to notify about 20 percent discount on all Pixel 1 models. Thanks to the discount, you can now purchase a Pixel 2 from Google Play Store for $$519.20 instead of $649. In case you are in need of more storage capacity, the 128GB is up for grab now for $600 instead of $749. The new deal applies to Pixel 2XL as well with 64GB and 128GB variants are going for $649.20 and $759.20 respectively.

In case you are interested in claiming the latest deal, you will need to pick up your smartphone from the Google Play Store where the discount will be automatically applied for qualified customers before end of this month.

Image: Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

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