NASA to Launch Dream Chaser on Supply Mission to ISS

NASA has announced that it will launch Cargo spacecraft Dream Chaser in a resupply mission to ISS as it has ditched the plan for using the spacecraft for crew transportation. This latest news comes as the space agency has decided to use SpaceX’s Dragon 2 and Boeing’s Starliner capsules.

The Dream Chaser is developed by Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and has recently gone through rigorous testing phase. NASA revealed that the tests were completely successful as the critical components required for ISS missions were working in order. Steve Lindsey, vice president of SNC’s Space Exploration Systems business unit said, “The test was a huge success and when we looked at the data we were thrilled to see how closely our flight performance projections matched the actual flight data. This gives us high confidence in our atmospheric flight performance as we move towards orbital operations.”

Mark Sirangelo, SNC’s Executive Vice President of Space Exploration Systems added, “Achievements of this magnitude require the involvement and collaboration of many people. The Free-Flight test took place at the same historic location where the sound barrier was broken 70 years ago and where the Space Shuttle program began 40 years ago. With that historic legacy, I would like to extend our sincere appreciation to our whole flight team.”

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