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LG Might Unveil New Flagship Smartphone in June

For a long time, reports suggested that LG was planning on launching LG G7 during this year’s Mobile World Congress which starts later this month. However, now it seems that the company is set to announce a revamp version of LG V30 instead during the event. Interestingly, rumors started surfacing that the company is currently working on an entirely different new lineup which will be introduced later in June this year.

This latest news comes as LG has been working on changing its strategy to gain more market share in increasingly competitive market. If the reports are true, then the upcoming device won’t be G7 as the company will introduce an entirely new lineup. While not a lot regarding the smartphone is known, the smartphone is thought to be in work under codename Judy and will feature a 6.1 inch 18:9 Full Vision Display. Apart from that, it will come with Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM and 64GB onboard storage.

As for other specifications, the upcoming smartphone might feature a 16 megapixel rear cameras with f/1.6 aperture and lenses and IP68 dust and water resistance.

At the moment however, it’s unclear if the company has any new flagship model in the works. But, with the tentative announcement still months away, it’s likely that we will learn more about the smartphone in the coming weeks.

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