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LastPass’s Latest Update Brings Support for Oreo’s Autofill

If you are using a lot of different passwords to log into your favorite websites, then you are already familiar with password manager applications. While Android itself had pretty archaic password management system, Oreo changed it as its Autofill API makes entering usernames and passwords in your smartphones much simpler. Although password manager apps can provide more convenient features thanks to this API, one of the most popular apps, LastPass has introduced autofill feature to the application.

If you have followed the app, then you might not be particularly surprised with the latest addition. LastPass got the Autofill support earlier last August but the feature was only available in beta. After months of wait, the developers have finally decided to add the feature to the main application and the latest v4.4.1749 update for LastPass is available now to download from PlayStore.

In order to access the convenient setting, you will need to open the application after you have update the application and go to settings. Afterwards, select Autofill and from there you can choose if you want to use Oreo’s Autofill feature or older accessibility services. In case you didn’t receive the update yet, you might need to wait few more days to get the latest addition. You can also download the application from PlayStore by going here.

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