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Joel Kinnaman Reveals that Suicide Squad 2 Is a Major Franchise for Warner Bros.

Although Suicide Squad was one of the biggest box office success upon its release, the movie was a massive failure in terms of critical praise. As a result, reports since then surfaced that Warner Bros. might ditch the sequel. However, it seems that the movie is still on card as actor Joel Kinnaman recently revealed that Suicide Squad 2 is still a big priority for the studio.

The actor’s recent comments came during his interview with Collider as he was promoting Netflix’s Altered Carbon. He said, “I just know that they are working intensely on it. I know it’s a big priority at Warner Bros., but it’s an equally big priority to get it right. We all felt that we had lightning in a bottle, in a way, and it partly got away from us, a little bit. It’s really important to harness everything that was great about it, and then fix what didn’t really work. So, I know they’re working on it, and we’ll see. I’m very excited to read something, but I don’t have any new information.”

Kinnaman’s recent comments come as earlier last year, rumors surfaced that Suicide Squad 2 will begin shooting later this year to meet the probable 2019 release date. Although it’s not confirmed, all of the main cast members are set to return for the sequel including Jared Leto and Margot Robbie. However, last year both of the actors revealed that they have zero information regarding the development of the movie.

As the studio will need to start production pretty soon to meet 2019 release date, we are likely to hear more from the studio regarding the movie in the coming months.

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