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Jack Dorsey Admits Twitter Is Difficult to Use

During his recent appearance during Goldman Sachs Technology and Internet Conference on Tuesday, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey has admitted that Twitter is too difficult to use. During his speech, Dorsey revealed that a third of Twitter’s new users become confused as they can’t find what they are looking for.

He said, “One-third of the 2 million people who come every day come with expectations of what [Twitter] should be, then get disappointed when they can’t find what they want … It’s a lot of work right now.”

This problem isn’t specific to users as Dorsey admitted that advertisers are often confused by the platform as they find it difficult to measure if their advertisements are returning positive results. He said, “People are saying, ‘I need this to be easier, I need to be able to measure this and prove that it works’ … They’re asking for a lot more simplicity.”

In order to solve these issues, Dorsey revealed that Twitter is currently working on ways to provide personalized attention to users by addressing their primary reason to sign up for the platform.

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