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Intel Is Working on Always Connected PC with 5G Connectivity

Microsoft has been working on bringing always-connected PCs for a while now as some major OEMs have announced several products to bring LTE enabled computers earlier last month during CES. Interestingly, Intel has now revealed that we will get always-connected PC with 5G connectivity later next year as Intel announced partnerships with Microsoft and several other PC manufacturers to put its modem into computers.

At the moment however, it’s unclear when people can start using 5G networks. For instance, 5G standard is set to be finalized later this year with carriers are likely to ship out the option few months after that. As majority of the users want to have cellular connectivity option, Intel considers that the number of PCs which ship with cellular capabilities are likely to rise over the coming years.

As for the latest announcement, Intel revealed that it is partnering with Dell, HP and Lenovo to launch computers equipped with XMM 8060 5G modem later next year. Moreover, Intel also announced its partnership with Spreadtrum to bring mid-range to high-end smartphones with Intel’s 5G modem.

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