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Google Will Now Show Contents from Getty Images in Search

If you have used internet for a while, then you might be well familiar with Getty images as photography and artworks from the company can be seen across entire web. And now, Google has reached an agreement with the company that will allow the search engine giant to use Getty products across its platforms.

According to the Google’s Cathy Edwards, the changes will be effective immediately. However, everyday users might not notice the difference at the moment as Google has showed Getty Images in its search results for a long time. Despite that, we might see more Getty images and photography in different Google products in the coming days.

At the moment, Getty images boasts over 200,000 contributors who produce content for the site and over 160,000 media outlets use these contents regularly.

This latest partnership comes as back in 2016, Getty accused the search engine giant of anti-competitive practices as it promoted its own products and displayed high resolution images in search which means users didn’t need to visit the original source website.

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