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Google Releases YouTube Go 130 Countries

Although Google started releasing lite versions of several applications for consumers from emerging countries, the applications are becoming extremely popular as the search engine giant continues to release these applications in other countries. Following the recent trend, the YouTube Go, the lightweight version of full YouTube app is now expanding in 130 countries worldwide to give users more option to choose from.

In case you are wondering, YouTube Lite is geared towards providing lightweight video-streaming abilities to consumers with limited or no internet connection. With the app, users can opt from different video playback qualities as well as save them for viewing later. While the app was released earlier last year, it was available in just 14 countries.

While the latest addition will be welcomed by users around the world, the app isn’t available for western market as of now. However, it’s unlikely to affect users in developed countries as majority of the users often have high speed internet. Despite that, we will have to wait to find out if Google decides to release the application in the developed countries where it would duplicate some of the YouTube Red features.

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