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Google Is Working on Supporting Physical Button for Assistant

For last couple of years, Google has been pushing assistant and its features to consumers as it continues to introduce new features to the application. And now, a new beta version of the application suggests that Google future products using the app might contain a physical button for the application.

The latest discovery comes from teardown of version 7.21 of the app which is still in beta. The source code includes,

  • Continue
  • Tap the Assistant button to launch it at any time
  • Add the Google Assistant to your homescreen.
  • Your Assistant is a tap away

In addition to accounting for a dedicated button, the APK also includes codes which is associated with default speaker of different devices. In case a device doesn’t contain a physical button, the app will show a graphic if “error_hardware_button_training” is called.

While we will have to wait to find out if Google introduces a dedicated button for its assistant, it seems that the move is inspired from Samsung’s recent practice of pushing its Bixby assistant to smartphone owners. If the company indeed brings the dedicated feature to its devices, it might be helpful for users who own multiple devices for their Google Home network.

Image: Flickr/Maurizio Pesce

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