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Google Is Working on Method to Help Locate 911 Callers

Although it is easier for 911 operators to locate a caller to the service when the call has been made from landline, locating a cell phone user is pretty complicated. For instance, rather than locating the user’s location, the cell pings the cell phone network. As a result, it is pretty difficult for operators to locate those who are in need of help. As an increasing number of callers are using their cellphone to call 911, Google has decided to help authority to locate cell phone users more accurately.

The latest report comes from the Wall Street Journal which pointed out that Google has recently conducted a trial to see how the technology can help locate users. After covering thousands of calls during over a period of two months, Google has revealed that the trial’s results were encouraging.

During the process, Google worked with West Corp. and RapidSOS who have connections into the 911 centers. Following the trial, RapidSOS revealed that Google’s technology served more accurate location data compared to traditional method.

At the moment, users might have to wait few more months before they can get the benefits of the service. Google’s technology is available in 14 countries and with the satisfactory results, we can hope that the service will debut in the United States later this year.

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