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Google Expands Project Fi Roaming Features to 170 Countries

As Google continues to push Google Fi project, it continues to add more features to the services. And now, the company has announced that it is expanding the service to 170 countries.

In case you didn’t know, Google Fi is known of its affordability compared to international roaming offered by cell phone carriers. Although you will need to pay for your calls on a per-minute basis, users get data at $10 per 1GB rate. Additionally, the text messages on the platform remain to be free.

While Google Fi is now available in most of the countries, you will need to purchase a Google Fi enabled smartphone. At the moment, Google is using Sprint and T-Mobile networks around the US. As for pricing, you will be required to start using the service by paying for the amount of data. However, if you don’t use all of the data, you will be reimbursed for the unused data so that you can use it in your next bill. However, the service is limited to only Google’s smartphones and the Lenovo Moto X4. As the company moves forward, it’s likely to bring support for more smartphones in the coming months.

Image: Flickr/Tony Webster

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