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Galaxy S9 Might be Last of S Range Models

As we get closer to the date of official unveil of Samsung’s Galaxy S9, more news are coming out regarding what Samsung has in plans for the upcoming flagship. Interestingly, recent rumors have suggested that Samsung might ditch S from the device as it will call 2019’s flagship model Samsung Galaxy X rather than Galaxy S10.

The latest speculation came from Tekz24 which cited industry analysts who claimed that the change will be done to simplify the naming scheme of the device. While the idea is certainly interesting, it’s worthwhile to note that changing device’s name to reflect device’s years might backfire as it might create confusions among consumers. Additionally, for a long time, we have heard rumors about Samsung’s foldable smartphone which might be called Galaxy X.

However, the sources cited in the report claimed that the Galaxy X might be the highest end variant of the new range of smartphone. But, if Samsung indeed brings the device, it will mark a new era for the company and it is likely to keep the name separate from other models. Whatever happens though, it is still too early to confirm anything as Samsung might release Galaxy Note 9 later this year before the change if it takes place.

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