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Facebook Users Have Spent 50 Million Hours Less During Last Quarter

In the latest year-end earnings report, Facebook has revealed that users have used five percent less time over the network. However, the company has claimed that it is not worried about the drop due to the company’s current goal to increase personal interactions among users. Interestingly, despite the drop in usage, the social networking giant has seen an increased revenue from ads.

Despite the decrease in usage, the social network saw increased number of users worldwide. During last year, daily active users grew by 14 percent to 1.40 billion. However, if you have followed news related to Facebook, you wouldn’t be surprised by the latest changes. For instance, over last couple of weeks, Facebook has added a number of changes to the news feed as well as the overall network. Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg said that he will fix the social network to promote more personal interaction.

At the time he said, “News and video will always be an important part of Facebook. But when people are spending so much time passively consuming public content that it starts taking away from the time people are connecting with each other, that’s not good. So let me be clear: Helping people connect is more important than maximizing the time they spend on Facebook.”

While the drop of usage is considerable, the company has reasons to feel that the changes are better for future. Despite the drop, the social network’s advertising revenue has gone 47 percent higher during last quarter as the report exceeded analysts’ expectations.

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