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Facebook Removes the Group behind The Last Jedi’s Low Rotten Tomatoes Score

Following The Last Jedi’s release, fans were surprised to see low Rotten Tomatoes audience score as the movie was praised by critics. While the bad audience score didn’t stop the movie from experiencing massive box office success, a Facebook Group took responsibility of low Rotten Tomatoes scores shortly afterwards. However, Facebook has recently removed the group from the network after the group gained widespread media attention.

The group and page in question were created by someone who didn’t agree with critics’ view on DCEU. Recently, the group started an online event to tank upcoming Black Panther’s score over Rotten Tomatoes. In the event page, the page said, “Given the massive success of the audience review rigging on the Rotten Tomatoes site for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and due to the sudden rise in those disgruntled with Disney business practices among other factors especially due to the corporate manipulations which created falsified bad press for the DCEU, I feel that it’s time to strike back at all those under Disney and bring down the house of mouse’s actions for paying off the critics that hurt DC Comics on film and for other parties affected by them. I’ll be making events like this for Infinity War and the Netflix shows etc so we can rally together to truly make a difference. Share this with your friends and all potential sympathizers.”

Earlier, when asked about the planned sabotage, Black Panther’s director Ryan Coogler revealed that it didn’t bother him. Shortly afterwards, Rotten Tomatoes released a statement claiming that there was no meddling with the site. As we get closer to the release of Black Panther, we will have to wait to find out if the movie gets similar treatment to The Last Jedi.

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