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Facebook Messenger Now Allows Users to Add Friends to Ongoing Video Calls

If you are using Facebook Messenger for your audio and video call needs, then you will be glad to know that the app now allows users to add more friends and family members to ongoing calls.

In order to add someone if you are on a video or audio chat, you will need to tap on the screen and select the “add person” icon. Afterwards, tap on the person you want to add to the chat. Moreover, after the call has ended, you will be able to message everyone in the conversation as it will create an automatic group chat on the platform.

This latest feature comes as Facebook recently admitted that the Messenger app has become too cluttered with features. Few weeks earlier, the company revealed that the application will go through major changes to meet users’ need. However, up until now, the company has added more features to the existing ones. Despite that, the latest addition should be welcomed by everyone who uses the group chat feature on a regular basis. As for the redesign, we will have to find out when the company decides to change the app.

As for the latest addition, it is available now on both iOS and Android. If you haven’t received the update, you might need to wait a few more days to get the latest addition. Group Chat on Messenger allows users to call up to six people simultaneously and if the chat exceeds more than six people, it shows the main person talking on the screen to everyone.

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