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Facebook Introduces New Lists Feature to Android Update

Facebook’s status update has come a long ways since the early days as it brought several new features over last couple of years. And now, according to a recent report by TechCrunch , the social networking giant has introduced a new feature in the status called “Lists”.

As the name suggests, the latest feature allows users to post a list of things as a status update. Although previously you could technically create a list, it required you to be little bit creative. However, with the latest update, the process becomes much simpler.

This latest feature comes as Facebook continues to add more features to the platform over last couple of months. Few months earlier, Facebook introduced ability to add background options to status update as well as create polls. The List feature is rolling out today and you should be able to use it in the next couple of days in case you don’t receive it immediately.

Image: Flickr/Eduardo Woo

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