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Facebook Announces Awards for “Community Leaders”

Over last couple weeks, Facebook brought several changes to the social network in an attempt to increase more meaningful interaction among its users. And now, the company has announced a $10 million fund to reward users who are trying to bring people together on its platforms.

The company revealed that it will award five community leaders from around the world to finance their ideas. In addition to this, the social network will invite 100 people to be part of a fellowship program.

In a blog post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote, “Our goal is to find people who are using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger to bring people closer together.”

“This program is about finding and supporting great community leaders wherever they are. It’s not just about helping people come together online. A lot of online communities strengthen physical communities by holding get-togethers, organizing events, and supporting each other in their daily lives, even across long distances.”

While we will have to wait to find out more about the award, Zuckerberg’s post gave examples of “the pastor of a church, the coach of a little league team, or the neighbor who’s always there if you need something” as the kinds of community leaders the social network is trying to find.

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